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What is laurabolin?

Laurabolin, or nandrolone laurate, as it’s known chemically, is a similar steroid to Deca-Durabolin, in that both drugs enhance the synthesis of protein in the body, with fewer side effects than many steroids. Laurabolin positively affects collagen levels, joint strength, and bone mineral consistency. It is also a good promoter of red blood cell production, and lean tissue buildup. However, when you buy laurabolin, consider using it in conjunction with an anti-progestin drug, to counteract laurabolin’s ability to adversely affect natural hormone levels.

There are a few side effects you need to know before you buy laurabolin.


Because laurabolin is a nandrolone drug, it has some pretty powerful estrogenic properties when it converts to use in the body. Because it is most often used in low concentrations to combat anemia, malnutrition, and certain metabolic dysfunctions, laurabolin is generally administered in much larger doses than other steroids. This can create more adverse side effects, though in lower amounts per dose, due to volume. This is why you want to make sure when you buy laurabolin, you are ready to counteract the female hormone properties with a stacking anti-estrogenic drug.